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1 Storey
1 Livingroom / Bedroom Studio
1 Guestroom
1 Bathroom
1 Open kitchenette
1 Balcony


Area under roof: 67,5sqm
Living area: 54sqm
Land plot size: approx. 200sqm


1 Air-condition unit
Burglar alarm system
Motion switch entrance light
Fully equipped kitchenette
Roof insulation against heat
Heat and sound insulated walls
Luxurious finish

The cottage layout includes one bathroom with hot water shower, a spacious air-conditioned studio which is split into one resting and one living area, one guest room, a kitchenette with cooking facility plus small built in fridge, roofed veranda and motorbike parking area in front of the cottage.

The legal package for the Saiyoi Jungle Cottages is similar to the villa set of contracts, providing a 3 x 30 year lease for the land the cottage is built on plus full ownership of the building.

Prices on request

Remarks: The actual cottage, used colors, garden and surrounding features might differ slightly from the above 3D graphic. Movable furniture, tax and legal fees are not included in the price.


"Jungle Cottage"

The Saiyoi Jungle Cottages are the perfect choice for singles or couples with maximum one child, who visit Thailand on a frequent basis for holidays only and thus don't need the amenities of a big villa home with pool and garden. The cottages are build on stilts and are carefully positioned into Saiyoi property areas where - due to steep slopes - the construction of bigger villas would have a great negative impact on the nature we aim so much to preserve.

All cottages have a wide roofed veranda facing the tropical forest and the surrounding hills of Khao Lak and Phang Nga, providing for a close to nature "jungle-feeling".

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